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Vocas / MB350
Manufacturer: Vocas 
Model: MB350 
Short Description: A Clip on or bars mounted mattebox which holds 4 filter trays, two of which rotate. 
Why was it needed and what did it replace: I needed a mattebox which would travel well and would be durable whilst still holding more than two filters. 
Author: Jon Boast 
What other systems did you consider? Chrosziel 
Why did you choose it? This Matte Box not only looks good, is well built and relatively light weight but is a competative price for what you get 
Did you buy new or used - if new did you consider used / visa versa? I actually bought Used from a facilities company. I was hours away from ordering my new matte box when I heard a facilities company I used to work for were selling one! 
Who did you buy it from (direct from manufacturer or through a dealer)? From a facilities company 
What price did you pay? £700. Usually retails around £900 plus extras 
Were you happy with the sales service? As far as you can be with second hand goods 
What major projects have you used it (or plan to use it) for? My equipment and the Matte Box is currently doing a spell on a Series for Channel Four - A Place in the Sun Home or Away - and is used 5 days a weeks and travels an awful lot. It will be used on many projects this year including recently running around central London fliming the build up and event, for the Tour De France 2007. It was great to have a matte box that can hold more than two filters but not weigh masses or be too bulky. 
Does it perform as expected? Yes very much so. 
Pro's: The design of the 'Eyebrows' which are internal french flags are great. Often when I am running around, I leave my flag in my vehicle. If the sun is just creaping down the lens the internal flags usually do the trick. The great thing about the 350 is that you can position these using the red lever on the side, meaning you can control them a little whilst you are turning over and not get your hands in shot!Being able to have a mattebox which can hold 4 filters, 4'x4' and 4' x 5'6 and not be as big as other productions matte boxes. 
Con's: This Mattebox works as a clip on but can also be a bars mounted box at the same time which is great, but buying new means you have to buy all the extras such as the bars adapter. 
What would your brief summary be on this product? This Mattebox has been thought about and as a result works well. It remains reasonably light weight and has taken a few knocks and still remains in one piece! It even looks nice with certain pieces of metal being anodised! 
About you, please tell us about you, your background, your company and any credits you or your company may have: Jon Boast is a London based freelance lighting cameraman. He has extensive experience of working with many production companies and broadcasters and prides himself on creating unique images. He has recently added the Vocas M350 to his extensive range of PSC kit. 
Vocas MB350
Vocas MB350
Vocas MB350
Vocas MB350
Vocas MB350
Optical Widgets For Life Enhancement / Owle Bubo
An extraordinary and game changing billet of machined aluminium. The weight of Owle Bubo reduces the shake that\'s almost impossible to avoid when shooting handheld video with the iPhone. The accessory lens pulls in a lot more light and so brightens and saturates the pictures that the phone\'s HD camera records. The Bubo comes with a microphone that further enhances the iPhone\'s performance to the point that you can collect quite broadcastable audio. I took the Bubo for a test drive today and found people delighted by it and happy to be interviewed. I was surprised by the understanding that the march of technology means that we no longer need to carry the Hubble on our shoulders for everything. And this is important as it allows for quite intimate interviews. There are a number of apps that form the icing on the cake. Editing on the iPhone is unlikely to become as enjoyable as on a desktop system. I found myself taking rather more care with the construction and shooting of the story so that the edit would be as uncomplicated as is possible. I have settled on Vericorder\'s 1st Video and am impressed by the capability of the app to provide for so many requirements of mobile journalism and PR.
Author: Simon Morice
IDX / E-HL9 Battery
88Wh Li-ion V-Mount High Load Battery with PowerLink & Digi-View.
Author: Jon Boast
Electronic Visuals / Penpal SDI
Pocket sized, SDI test signal generator.
Author: Andy James
SACHTLER / Video 18p Fluid Head with 2 Stage Speed Lock HD Tripod.
A two stage carbon fibre tripod complete with quick release legs with a 100mm bowl fluid head, ideal for PSC/location shooting.
Author: Jon Boast
Tektronix / WFM5000
Portable HD / SD waveform monitor, vector scope
Author: Sam Higham, Hire Manager, On Sight
Panasonic / BT-LH80WE
8" Multi Standard HD LCD Video Monitor with HD SDI Interface board (optional)
Author: Jon Boast - Lighting Cameraman
Teletest Ltd / 4.5" and 5.8" Handheld Broadcast LCD Monitors
Two portable and battery powered LCD monitors for use by broadcast cameramen and their directors on busy shoots.
Author: Kevin Cook F.Inst.V.
Celtx / Integrated Media Pre-Production
This software allows you to research, write and schedule a variety of production types from an AV presentation through a documantary to a feature. It allows to to store it online and collaborate with others on the same project.
Author: Simon Morice
Sony / HDW-F900R
HDCAM 1080p camcorder
Author: Mark Koelle
Apple / Final Cut Studio 2
Apple's flagship post-production software suite
Author: Simon Morice
ANSSO Tecnology / DAN-190
190Watt Hour, Lithium-Ion battery, with a digital display of charge condition
Author: Michael Kirchner
Docable camera to Sony PVV1P.The camera head is perfect and working but the recoder has audio problem.
Author: Robert Murei Mburu
Canon / XL-2
A profesional camcorder that works well in back light situations. Not so good in low lux situations
Author: Brian Jenkinson
Sony / HVR-Z1E
Author: Steve Allen
AVAILABLE FROM THAMESIDE T.V THE NEW MULTI-FORMAT GENERATOR PRODUCED BY L EADER The LT4400 Multi-Format Generator is ideal for non-linear editing systems and applications wheremulti-format sync signals are needed. The instrument can provide PAL black, NTSC black and HDTV tri-level sync simultaneously out of 3 pairs of independently timed black outputs. In addition to the 6 black outputs, the LT4400 provides both SD and HD-SDI test signals. Blackoutputs are independently controlled (3 pairs) and can be set to black-burst (PAL or NTSC) as well as tri-level sync (HDTV). Genlock facilities are available along with a number of genlock recovery options to suit your specific system requirement. Test patterns include color bars and check field and are moveable. A 16-character source identifier can be added to the test outputs and the instrument allows for the addition of a logo bug. Sixteen channels of embedded audio are available along with settable tones and audio click. The LT4400 can be used on the bench or in a rackmount configuration (1 RU high; half-rack wide). If you would like more information on the BRAND NEW Leader LT 4400 please call Chris at Thameside.tv on +44(0)1932 240305 or email chris@thameside.tv Alternatively yoy can view all the Leader products on our website, www.leaderuk.co.uk
Sony / HVR-Z1E
Camcorder that spans the prosumer divide
Author: Simon Morice
Transvideo / 6.5¢ LCD Ultrabright Rainbow II - Wireless Monitor.
A compact LCD monitor with Transvideo¢¢s Titan Wireless Receiver & Transmitter.
Author: Jon Boast
Miranda / Kaleido-X multi-image processor
multi-image display processor
Author: S©guin
Vocas / MB350
A Clip on or bars mounted mattebox which holds 4 filter trays, two of which rotate.
Author: Jon Boast
Sony / F330 XDCAM HD
Half inch XDCAM HD camera upto 35Mbps. Similiar body to the dsr 450 in style.
Author: Michael Bradbury
Author: Charles Pitt
Hawk-Woods / DV Link Battery-System (Battery, Adaptors & Mounts)
This new system allows the camera operator to power additional equipment from a single DV camera battery. Via a range of battery connecting power adaptors and mounts.
Author: Rick Young
Anji Lithium-Ion Batteries / AJ-130A
Lithium-Ion Batteries for Professional Video Cameras, 130 watt hour, 3-Pin Anton Bauer Mount
Author: Michael A. Kirchner
Panasonic / AG-HVX200
HD Camcorder with P2 Card
Author: Jon Lane
Sony / HDV HVR-Z1E
Sony HD Camcorder
Author: Sinem Ersever
Omnitek / Omnitek LAB
PC Platform test and measurement software / hardware
Author: Jon Young
Hamlet / Flexiscope
Handheld test and measurement
Author: Horace Innes, Eastglen Systems Integration (ESI)
Sony / HVR V1E
Sony HD Camcorder
Author: Oliver Hickey
Canon / The HJ40x10B with Image stabiliser, the HJ11x4.7B wide angle and the HJ22x7.6B TV lens
Canon Broadcast TV lenses
Author: IBH Hire Team
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You can buy this place for your 120x60 banner