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Manage and Monitor
News analysis from Will Strauss
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Manipulate and Edit

Company mergers can be no fun. Staff panic about ‘efficiencies’ and therefore their jobs. The press speculates about ‘what really happened?’ And there are always lawyers involved. And no one likes that.

When DiGiCo revealed that it would merge with fellow audio console manufacturers Calrec and Allen & Heath, following a buy-out by Electra Partners, which now owns a majority stake in all three, there was no such furore. Well, not publically at least.

DiGiCo managing director James Gordon will become chief executive of the thus-far unnamed group, while the current chairman of Allen & Heath and Calrec, Malcolm Miller, takes on the role of chairman.

For now it is simply “business as usual” we are told and “imperative that each company maintains its own independence and style”. But Gordon is said to have “bold plans for the group” around sharing technology and resources across the group and allowing some interconnectivity across the product lines. It will certainly be an impressive R&D set-up if all three work together.

And that’s the key: work together. Hopefully this merger signals the beginning of a new era of interoperability between the brands. But like most mergers, the success of this marriage may have nothing to do with technological. The nuts and bolts can be made to work in harmony. But can the cultures of the companies? Like any change, big or small, people are likely to be the ones most affected.

Post Production

Quantel’s Genetic Engineering 2 (GE2) will make its European debut at IBC (7.A20). GE2 is Quantel’s shared storage solution for post that delivers improved flexibility, performance and productivity for the Pablo Rio colour and finishing system users. GE2 was used for 4k coverage of the 2014 football World Cup, producing 4K 60p highlights packages for Sony and FIFA. World Cup demos will be available on the stand.


Forbidden Technologies has integrated its cloud video platform Forscene with Timecode Systems Limited’s Timecode Buddy via the MovieSlateiOS application. Timecode Buddy system allows users to generate, sync, and share accurate timecodes and metadata wirelessly over RF or Wi-Fi networks. The integration brings the three technologies together to allow people to insert metadata notes and media into a logging and editing system. 


Post Production (cont)

Keyboard and recording equipment specialist Editors Keys has launched a portable a Bluetooth speaker called Xplorer. Made from aluminium and containing two 5W speakers that offering a 10W output, the Xplorer is said to be “fantastic for those with iPhones or iPads who want to experience a better sound.” The Xplorer is fully compatible with the majority of Bluetooth devices on the market, including LG and Samsung smartphones. PC, laptop, television or MP3 player connections are possible using an AUX input on the back of the speaker.


The Look has bought three DaVinci Resolve digital intermediate (DI) suites for a new remote grading service that it is offering to production companies and agencies that have their own post capabilities. Working from their own premises, an in-house post team can cut a project, conform it and then work with grading talent from The Look to grade it remotely, before handling all of the fi nal deliverables. Project settings are stored in both locations allowing the client to make changes to an edit without needing The Look to reapply a grade.

www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/ products/davinciresolve

Dublin’s Windmill Lane has overhauled its colour grading department, upgrading its entire FilmLight infrastructure. The facility has replaced its existing FilmLight hardware and now has two Baselight TWO grading systems running on generation 5 hardware, with the latest software release. “With the new Baselight systems we can tackle any codec or camera format without workarounds,” said Dave Hughes, Windmill Lane head of grading and DI.”


Forbidden Technologies and Take 1 Transcription have formed a partnership that brings transcription capabilities to the cloud-based editing and logging platform Forscene, allowing users to access Take 1’s service directly from the Forscene interface. The integration eliminates the need to prepare and transport large fi les or other media manually for transcription, and could also help to create thorough transcripts that can accelerate the post-production process.



Audio Network will present its strategy to put music at the heart of a streamlined production workfl ow at IBC (7.H09). The production music company will showcase how it is partnering with technology companies to simplify the music insertion and video editing process.


Broadcast furniture

MW Video Systems will be demonstrating their range of latest products at IBC (2.A32)

An example of their custom designed desk will be available, demonstrated in the Nextel anti-refl ective fi nish, but also now offering a wide range of laminate fi nishes to coordinate with room dcor or company branding. MW Video custom desks are designed for MCRs and PCRs, lighting, ingest, newsroom, editing and post production facilities.



At IBC (8.C58) Calrec will showcase its new Summa audio console. The Summa console is designed for broadcast professionals who need a straightforward solution for producing creative and engrossing broadcast audio, but not all of the resources offered by Calrec’s Apollo and Artemis consoles. Designed to ensure intuitive operation in live broadcast applications, Summa simplifi es complex workfl ow tasks, such as creating mix-minus feeds, with a highly intuitive GUI suitable for a broad range of operator levels.


DiGiCo is to be merged with Calrec and Allen & Heath following a buy-out by private equity fund manager Electra Partners, which now owns a majority stake in all three. DiGiCo’s James Gordon, who will become group chief executive, said: “The combined R&D teams are about to enter a new world of possibilities and we intend to take full advantage of their resources, passion, and experience. It’s an amazing opportunity for us, and just maybe the whole British Pro Audio industry.”


Junger Audio will unleash the Codec Edition of its D*AP8 Digital Audio Processor at IBC (10.A49). The device is said to be “the only combination of broadcast audio codec and processor on the market that can carry out realtime metadata emulation.” The D*AP8 Codec Edition features a built-in Dolby Metadata generator and Dolby decoder that allows users to decode Dolby-E, Dolby-D (AC-3) and Dolby Digital plus (E-AC-3).


Audio Post

Prism Sound is giving European debuts to two new audio interfaces at IBC (8.E34). Titan and Atlas are multi-channel devices that offer analogue and digital I/O for Mac or Windows PC at sample rates of up to 192kHz via a USB interface. Both units also feature the new MDIO interface expansion slot that can be used, for example, to add a direct connection to an Avid Pro Tools HDX system. Titan has four microphone inputs, while Atlas has eight, and both are designed for multi-track recording, making use of Prism Sound’s CleverClox clocking technology.


London-based system integrator Wire Broadcast has completed the technical installation of three Avid S6 consoles at VFX and post facility Smoke & Mirrors. The control surfaces, supplied by HHB/Scrub and fi tted in AKA Design furniture, form the centre piece of a newly-established three studio, two voice-over booth complex in Soho.


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Will Strauss rounds up IBC 2013
From a handheld stabilized camera gimbal to an egg-shaped QC booth, IBC 2013 was awash with new, and often strangely shaped, innovations. Will Strauss picks his favourites.
Tags: iss082 | ibc | 2013 | amsterdam | broadcast | technology | round up | review | main kit | equipment | picks | quantel | calrec | vision research | tsl | egg | Will Strauss#
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Sportsnet stays ahead of the game with Quantel
Over the last 15 years, Sportsnet has risen to become one of Canadas leading sports media operations. The Sportsnet and Sportsnet One TV channels are complemented by Sportsnet Radio, Sportsnet Magazine and its premium international sports channel, Sportsnet World.
Tags: iss081 | quantel | sq | editing | live sports | sportsnet | radio | magazine | editing | content | management | case study | Roger Thornton
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A preview of this years IBC with Will Strauss
IBC 2013 will be bristling with talk of 4k, the Cloud, IP networking and Immersive Audio, predicts Will Strauss.
Tags: iss080 | ibc preview | predictions | technology | release | 2013 | sony f55 | 4k blackmagic | axon | rts omneo | creative cloud | avb | quantel pablo rio | matrox mojito | Will Strauss#
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3d Screens
Often exhibitions such as IBC and NAB can be summed up as progressive slightly better products but nothing really new. Sometimes there is a breakthrough such as Ampexs introduction of the VTR in 1956. The early years of digital production and post tools were rich in totally new things. At the time I worked at Quantel and seeing inventions like Paintbox and a DVE video page turn for the first time was truly exciting; I knew these would be game-changers. What they did was instantly understandable and easy to apply. So, you may ask, why should it be that we are many years into the 3D revolution of the modern era and everyone knows what we really need to make 3DTV come alive, but we dont have.
Tags: iss071 | 3d | glassless 3d | Siegfried Foessel | Fraunhofer | ampex | quantel | Bob Pank#
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PHABRIX hand held SxE solution for Quantel
PHABRIX recently visited UK based Quantel, developers of innovative, world-leading content creation systems for broadcast, post and DI to find out how the company are deploying their six PHABRIX hand held SxE in its test department.
Tags: iss067 | quantel | phabrix | test and measurement | sq server | test engineer | phabrix sxe | Paul Nicholls
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4KTV The next bigger thing?
The history of 4K digital moving images goes way back to the mid 1990s. That was when film effects started to be processed digitally and produced amazing results maybe a bit too amazing for some. Of course the effects had to be seamless and so the digitised effects images had to carry all the required detail of the 35mm film. Without going into detail Kodak maintained that this required at least a 4K image, while Quantel, busy in the effects equipment market, felt that 3K did the job.
Tags: iss067 | 4ktv | quantel | 3d | canon eos c500 | JVC GY-HMQ10 | LG 84LM960V | Bob Pank#
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Waste not, want not
One of the most interesting comments I heard at NAB this year was from Gary Greenfield, the CEO of Avid. Picking up the topic of making the most of content across multiple platforms, he said nothing is left on the cutting room floor any more. That started me thinking about how technology has allowed us to get profligate, and whether we are now at a point when we need to turn back to being parsimonious.
Tags: iss065 | revolutionq | quantel | avid | Dick Hobbs
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IBC2011 must sees
Over 1,300 exhibitors will be supporting IBC2011, each bringing perhaps one, two or three new or enhanced products. My task is to distill these down to the 20 devices likely to be of greatest interest to TV-Bay readers......
Tags: iss056 | ibc2011 | ibc | arri | for-a | ikegami | i-movix | jvc | panasonic | sony | aja | sonnet technology | digico | blackmagic | quantel | axon | harris | mosart | rts | dolby | sony | phabrix | David Kirk
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3D Post at NAB, Wimbledon, and more
You may recall that last time 3D Diaries tackled the subject of post production in August 2010, it warned that the fix it in post habit was definitely to be avoided. This means shoot it correctly in the first place, as trying to fix errors, especially the 3D ones, in post can get very tricky and, may be expensive.
Tags: iss052 | wimbledon | 3d diaries | nab | 3d post | sid | geofix | onsetlab workflow | quantel | dvs | Bob Pank#
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Eye to Eye: Video Post-production
My first direct experience of video post-production involved hauling a heavy Sony U-Matic tape machine up a flight of stairs before going back for an equally heavy playback deck, a bulky CRT monitor and a large box of interface giblets. That was in 1978. 33 years on, an Apple Mac does the whole editing job a great deal better, faster and more economically.
Tags: iss052 | eye to eye | post production | dft | digital film technology | dvs | for-a | matrox | panasonic | aj-pcd30 p2 | quantel | sony creative software | ipad2 | David Kirk
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Hows that
A few days ago I umpired a cricket match. It was a very pleasant afternoon, marred only slightly by the almost continual drizzle, but it was August in southern England.
Tags: iss045 | cricket match | umpire | quantel | quantel iq | sports | tennis | football | Dick Hobbs
Submitted by Dick Hobbs
Stereoscopic production and transmission
If ever there was a technology that has taken its time to mature, it is that of stereoscopic (3D) production and transmission. It is well documented that the mechanics behind the technology has been around almost since the inception of the moving picture itself and in fact stereoscopic stills technology was developed in the 1840s.
Tags: stereoscopic | 3D | production | transmission | orad | iss038 | bskyb | sony | panasonic | quantel | apple | avid | Orad
Submitted by Orad
Eye to Eye New post-production kit at IBC 2009
This alphabetical overview of new video and film post-production kit at IBC 2009 was going to start with Apple but the company pulled out of both NAB and IBC in 2008
Tags: ibc2009 | iss033 | eye to eye | post production | boris | cintel | delta solutions | doremi | digital film technology | eyeheight | digital vision | image systems | gee broadcast | liberovision | quantel | rt software | David Kirk
Submitted by David Kirk
3D Post
Rewind a couple of years and 3D was a hot topic but there was very little production and few companies able to offer suitable support for efficient 3D post production. Many people thought it would fade, as before. A few even hoped it would go away!
Tags: 3d. 3d post | autostereoscopic | quantel | iss033 | Bob Pank and Steve Shaw
Submitted by Bob Pank and Steve Shaw
A brief history of television graphics
Thirty years ago, television captions were routinely created by sticking white Letraset characters onto black card. Credit rolls were possible using special devices which used long strips of black material onto which the Letraset was stuck, and which were literally rolled, either by an electric motor but sometimes even by hand.
Tags: pixel power | television graphics | iss021 | graphics | character generator | captions | aston operator | aston ethos | quantel cipher | abekas a72 | James Gilber
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