Harris / Leitch X75 HD (HD syncronizer and converter with audio)
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Harris / Leitch X75 HD

HD syncronizer and converter with audio

The X75 HD Multiple Converter and Frame Synchronizer is a standard and high-definition utility synchronizer and converter. It combines video and audio processing capabilities with the ability to up-convert, down-convert, and cross-convert from the most input video formats to almost any output video format.
The X75 is equally suited for analog, digital or hybrid facilities, and represents the ideal choice for broadcasters making the transition to digital television (DTV and HDTV). The X75 multi converter synchronizer provides an ideal bridge between analog, digital and high definition systems with analog, digital and embedded audio.


The models we have for sale are:

X75HD-AV-2PS 1RU Up/Down/Cross Converter & Synchronizer, Video and 16 Channel Audio


X75OPT-HDDUOCON (for simultaneous Up and Down or simultaneous Cross and Down conversion)

X75OPT-SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).


We have 2 units with front panel, price 3,500 EUR

We have 4 units with blank front, price 2,800 EUR

We have 1 Nucleus advanced control/remote panel, price 850 EUR

We have 2 X85-RCP remote panels, price 700 EUR

(the remote panels can also be mounted directly on the front of the X75 with blank panels)

A unit with front panel can easily control units without front panels.

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