Ikegami HDL-F30 (HDLF30, HDL F30) HDTV Camera head for Gyro Applications (Ikegami HDL-F30 (HDLF30, HDL F30) HDTV Camera head for Gyro Applications)
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Ikegami HDL-F30 (HDLF30, HDL F30) HDTV Camera head for Gyro Applications

Ikegami HDL-F30 (HDLF30, HDL F30) HDTV Camera head for Gyro Applications

The HDL-F30 is a top-of-the-line multi-purpose compact 3CCD HDTV camera equipped with high resolution 2.3 million pixel AIT sensors.

The HDL-F30 has super high sensitivity, starting with F10 sensitivity sensors, and offering +54dB gain up, Column Adding, and Frame Accumulation functions.

The super high sensitivity combined with a Digital Extender feature make the HDL-F30 ideal for airborne gyro stabilized ENG and law enforcement use.

The HDL-F30 is also suitable for compact & high quality 3D acquisition solution.

2.3M pixels AIT CCD Sensors

2/3-inch 2.3M-pixel 1080i AIT CCD image sensors are employed to achieve superb picture quality with a horizontal resolution of 1,000 lines and a S/N ratio of 68dB. In addition, newly developed CCD drive and sampling circuit achieves higher video reliability.

High sensitivity and superb picture quality

The HDL-F30 has up to +54dB gain up. Frame Accumulation and Column Adding functions are available for additional increase in sensitivity. Besides newly developped "Column Adding technology" achieves twice the standard sensitivity by using 2 horizontal columns for each pixel (Sensitivity is increased without loosing S/N ratio, but with trade-off of reduced horizontal resolution).

Compact and Light Weight Construction

Ultra compact camera head has just W100 x H123 x D80 mm . Various applications are possible such as: weather camera, overview camera on a pan & tilt, under-water craft, spacecraft, airborne use, surveillance, POV (Point of View), medical applications for accurate caption from lively exciting angles in the field.

Special features for Surveillance purpose

Automatic Videolevel Control (AVC) function maintains the picture at a certain level regardless of day and night. it would be a help for crewless surveillance. Frame Accumulation from 1/15 sec. to a maximum of 2 sec. is available, increasing sensitivity up to 60 times without loosing S/N ratio, but with trade-off of increased motion blur. A minimum illumination of 0.00027 lux is possible with +54dB Gain up, Iris F1.4, 2 sec. Frame Accumulation, and 50% video level (calculated data). Built-in two times digital extender. Up to 320 times zoom when using 40X zoom lens and 2X normal extender and 4 times digital extender. Note: reduced resolution when using digital extender.

Ikegami&#39s most advanced camera for 3D production

3D is no longer Bulky & Heavy. The compact & light weight body will make the 3D system much more friendly to you. And its Horizontal Reverse and Frame Delay features will support 3D video production.

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