Ikegami HDN-X10E EDITCAM HD CAMERA (PKG w/AVID Genuine and new in box)
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PKG w/AVID Genuine and new in box


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We are primarily a dealer and stockist of a wide range of products newest in the broadcast and professional media industry, and more specifically a Sony specialist dealer and approved service centre, currently employing 58 staff in Bandung-Indonesia.

We sell a NEW equipment, and our experienced sales team is able to offer systems solutions from ENG camera kits, through complete broadcast studio facilities, OB vehicles, to the provision of satellite services.

Our buying power, contact base, custom facilities and innovative approach enables us to offer highly competitive terms on equipment purchases and, when required, provide structured finance and venture funding. Being a flexible and dynamic company we are able to adapt to the ever changing markets and our customer’s needs.

Radinka Broadcast Camera prides itself on developing the right relationships between manufacturers and customers, and with our position and strength in the market place we are able to offer the best value solutions at the most affordable prices.

We believe that a high level of industry experience combined with a strong commitment to customer service and after sales care is crucial in today’s changing market place.

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