Ikegami Remote Controller RM-11 (Compact, lightweight digital remote controller, can be connected to all HL and HK series cameras)
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Ikegami Remote Controller RM-11

Compact, lightweight digital remote controller, can be connected to all HL and HK series cameras

 Ikegami RM-11   Digital Remote Controller

The RM-11 digital remote controller is a new improved version of the RM-10 that has been accepted favorably. It is a compact, lightweight digital remote controller for image pick-up with HL series cameras. As compared with the RM-10, functions for knee, detail and master gamma adjustment have been improved.
A digital system is adopted for communication with the camera. As the system is standardized for Ikegami's broadcasting equipment, it can be connected to all cameras in the HL and HK series. Some functions are not applicable to conventional cameras. This RM-11 can also be used as the control panel for the TA-55 or TA-55A Base Station. 


Dimensions (WHD):

80 x 124 x 34mm(excluding protruded portions)


Approx. 300g

Input Voltage:

12VDC (7  25V)

Power Consumption:

Approx. 1W (at 12V)

Monitor Output:

Same as camera monitor output( without cable compensation)

Data Transmission Rate:

Approx. 62500 bps

Data Transmission Mode:

Both ways transmission

Operating Temperature:

-20 ~ +40 °C (no condensation)

Storage Temperature:

-20 ~ +50 °C (no condensation)

Cable Length:

100m Max (excluding VIDEO)

Control Functions:

Bars ON/OFF, CAL ON/OFF, GAIN NOR/MID/HIGH, AWB CONT(START), ABB CONT (START), AWB OFF/Ach/Bch, Black Stretch ON/OFF, VTR Start, Shutter Speed Select(OFF,VAR,1/100,1/120,1/250,1/500,1/1000, 1/2000), VAR.SHUTTER Control (Fast/Slow), Monitor Select, Master Gamma, Knee AUTO/MANUAL, Knee Point, Knee Slope, Detail Gain, R.B Gain, R.B Pedestal, Iris Control, Iris Auto/Manual, R Tally Ind, Control Lock ON/OFF 

Ikegami HDL 51 HD camera is available for purchase for £15.000,00 plus VAT

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