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Sony RCP-750 Sony RCP-750 Remote control panel
Remote Racking Systems Wico RRS02 Wireless Camera Control system- Sony 700 Protocol 8 x Pin. Full wireless camera control with original RCP!
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SONY BC-L90 High speed battery charger for BP-FL75 and V-Mount batteries
Dynacore DD-4S 4 channel V lock simultaneous charger
Sony PF-FL75 Olivine long-lasting battery for F-series cameras
Panasonic DMW-BGGH3 Used Panasonic DMW-BGGH3 (battery grip for GH3 and GH4)
IDX IA-60a 60W power supply
IDX IA-60a 60W power supply
Dynacore DS-2S 2 channel V lock battery charger with 50W max DC output XLR power supply
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Sony PMW-F5 with DVF-L350 Viewfinder S35mm CineAlta Camera HD with LCD Viewfinder
Country: Turkey | Price: €12,000.00